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Terex AWP Introduces the Industry's First LED Light Towers - February 28, 2011

LED towers offer the benefit of crisper lighting capabilities compared to 4000W metal-halide models. As battery operated units, the light towers eliminate engine noise and emissions, making them both environmentally friendly and extremely versatile. With a 50,000 hour bulb life, the LED lights last five times longer than metal-halide lights. The LED towers provide up to 10 hours of run-time and unlike metal-halide lights, have instant on/off operation. Low light pollution and sharp side cut-off reduces road glare to motorists, making the AL™4L and AL™5L ideal across a wide range of applications.

"Terex is pioneering LED technology that lowers operating costs and offers improved jobsite performance providing innovative solutions to our customers," said Jeff Weido, Senior Product Manager, Terex AWP. "The combination of a 10 hour run-time and silent operation makes the LED light towers ideal for applications ranging from commercial construction to indoor entertainment events. Terex AWP aims to continue providing the best jobsite solutions to our customers by staying on the cutting edge of technology."

The AL™4L and AL™5L provide excellent jobsite illumination without sacrificing compact portability. When operating, both units offer a 30 foot extended height. When stowed, the AL™5L has a height of 69 inches and a length of 178 inches. The AL™4L is even more compact with a stowed height of 67 inches and length of 178 inches.

Terex® LED light tower offerings include the AL™5L and two AL™4L options, a battery operated unit and a generator operated unit. The AL™5L comes standard with an 8kW generator for charging on-board batteries. These light towers offer the convenience of self charging as the AL™5L can be used to charge up to three battery operated AL™4L units. One AL™4L with 6kW generator option can also charge one AL™4L battery operated unit. This charging system decreases overall fuel consumption considerably when towers are used in collaboration. The Terex® LED light towers will be available to the ANSI market in spring 2011.

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